Why everyone can boost their percentage!

How often do we say “I really should….” or “I’ve been meaning to….” or “I’m going to”…
For one reason or another procrastination can set in and excuses take the place of, and destroy action.

In 2009 I had elective surgery to amputate my left leg, my second leg, below the knee. This decision followed a regular checkup with a doc at my rehab centre. During the check up she examined results of a recent scan on my existing foot and said something to me I’ll never ever forget…
“Given you have a bone infection in your foot, and have had for quite some time by the looks of it – your body has been running at a lower percentage than it would normally”

“My body was running at a lower percentage than it would normally?!”

This got me thinking, she was spot on. The best word to describe my pre op state would have to be “sluggish”. Inferior energy levels, decreased appetite, fatigue… and those were just the physical symptoms. My mental and emotional states were also affected.

Following the surgery and after I was completely healed, I made a conscious effort to monitor my physical state – sure enough, I noticed a boost. A boost in almost every area! I was adding positive percentage to my overall state. This had significant flow on effects for me and I started to apply the percentage boosting theory to all areas of my life – I began to exercise more, improved my diet and even went back to study. As my overall percentage increased, I found that my mood and overall happiness improved with it. It was a valuable gift to give to not only myself, but also to those closest to me.

If you think about your current life state on a percentage level – what percentage are you running at? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

It would be fair to say that someone who chooses to drink soft drink regularly for example, would notice significant positive change in certain areas of their life if they replaced it with water. This article, as an example –
indicates the health risks of soft drink.

Of course, reaching maximum percentage in all areas would be impossible, but we can all strive to top up our percentage points to benefit not only ourselves but those around us. We become happier and healthier and the ripple effects will flow to family, friends and the world in general. We increase our ability to contribute more in every way while giving ourselves a precious gift also.

I believe it’s essential to seek growth, pursue excellence and contribute each and every day. Why not make those tasks easier on yourself?