Ditch the Dead Weight

Often in personal and professional development the sole focus is how to get more of something. In his new book Ditch the Dead Weight, Mike turns this idea on its head and asks, what could we potentially get rid of to make our lives lighter, freer and more meaningful? Practical, plain-speaking, humorous and inspiring, Mike is an incredibly engaging narrator and great role model for people of all ages.

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Mike Rolls joins Andy Maher in the studio to tell his incredible story about surviving Meningococcal disease.

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Mike Rolls joins Neil Mitchell in an inspriational interview about his experiences as a Meningococcal survivor.

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View Mike's interview with Sunrise about his new book release

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Amputate Dead Weight

We all have areas of our lives that no longer serve us. A bad habit, a poor diet, perhaps it’s a friendship that is having a negative impact on us.

In 2009, I took the drastic step of amputating my troublesome left leg in order to improve my life. It was both the toughest and the best decision I’ve ever made. I was fed up with this draining situation and the circumstance I found myself in so
I took drastic action.

Sometimes we need to actively cull negative elements in order to increase our productivity, growth and overall happiness. Being honest with ourselves, taking control of our lives by – Amputating dead weight – not only empowers us, it makes room for more positive, beneficial elements to take their place.

Challenge Toxic Beliefs

A Toxic belief has the ability to stop us in our tracks. It will limit our ability to progress, hinder our ability to contribute and detract from our overall happiness.

Mike’s philosophy is simple but effective. Actively challenge negative self talk, words and phrases like “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, “couldn’t”,“won’t be able to” must be challenged. How can we truly understand the scope of our abilities if we don’t truly know what they are?

The only way we can find out is if we act, and we must act, because even in failure we will learn and grow. If we succeed the benefits can be immeasurable!

Life goes on and our situations evolve, sometimes we need to look at, analyse and update our beliefs to establish which ones we want to take on the journey with us.

Interview - Positive Swing

It was a pleasure being interviewed by Jo Hall on Channel 9 recently. If you missed it, catch it here!


Our students were engaged with Mike’s presentation and were constantly focused as he relayed his story. The honest and open anecdotes of his life experiences contained clear messages of resilience and optimism in the face of adversity. Our students took away with them amazing life lessons from an amazing, courageous person.

April 2015
Emmaus College, Melbourne