The secret benefit of breaking out of your comfort zone

How well equipped are you to handle a crisis?

“Get out of your comfort zone” Boooring…. It’s an overused, fluffy cliché I know.

Think for a moment. When you recall your most vivid memories, I’ll bet they were when you were experiencing something different. Perhaps something exciting, challenging, awkward, sad…

The reason people use the saying is because it’s where the magic happens. A place where we experience new things. We leave the familiar and discover the unfamiliar, accelerating our learning and growth in the process.

However, I believe there’s a much more important reason why we must regularly step into a different zone. Put simply, it will better prepare us for any challenge, downturn or crisis that we may face in the future.

The word crisis comes from the Greek word Krisis, which literally means “to decide”. The most important aspect of navigating through turmoil is our ability to make sound decisions as we steer ourselves to safety.

When we step outside our comfortable space, we feel uneasy, perhaps we even feel some level of anxiety. It’s this exact feeling that we must seek to experience so we become accustomed to it. A crisis can strike without warning and we’ll be thrust into that very feeling of unease, uncertainty, anxiousness and fear, whether we like it or not. The more accustomed we are to those feelings, the better equipped we’ll be to handle ourselves.

When we are outside the zone, we are challenged.

When we face a crisis – same same.

Break away from routine, step into that uncomfortable space.