The problem with saying “yes”

One of the main points I bang on about is the importance of being open to new experiences that are unique, unusual, perhaps even a little crazy. But why do we all need to constantly challenge and stretch ourselves in order to stay ahead of the game and to avoid stagnation?

Let’s dive into this and find out why there’s far more to it than simply saying “yes”.

When we are inspired by something, whether it’s something we read, see, hear or experience, it’s an amazing feeling that has the power to jolt us into action. An indescribable energy consumes us and compels us to act on said inspiration and enrich our lives under this newfound “superpower”.

The problem is that it rarely lasts. Life, as usual, takes over and often the buzz will be short lived and we’ll be expected to carry out this inspirational undertaking all by ourselves – often resulting in us taking the easy option of just giving it away altogether.

If we decide to throw in the towel when we give something new a try, we run the risk of creating a seriously dangerous precedent. Not just with future undertakings but with existing day-to-day challenges or hurdles we might encounter. When we give up, we can lose our competitive edge. When we give up, we make “giving up” an option from that point forth. That pattern can become habitual and let’s be honest, we can become lazy as it’s a far simpler way to deal with the tough stuff. If we continue to give up time and time again, after a while we don’t even realize we’re doing it. It’ll become second nature and a default approach to anything we do, tainting our ability to overcome the tougher, more rewarding challenges we face.

When we say “yes” to a challenge, we feel brave, empowered and on top of the world. We might puff out our chest and make all of these bold statements about world domination (and on that day, we might actually believe it)! But the proof is, and always will be, in the doing.

Can you walk your talk? Can you follow through and give it everything you have? Only you know if you have thrown everything at a challenge, no one else. Your actions, the tenacity you choose to approach things with, and your level of determination will be the things that will set a valuable precedent in you. They will empower you from within to carry out any type of task you choose from that point forth!

So forget about saying “yes” to a challenge. Forget about it all together unless your intentions are unwavering. A half hearted approach has the capability of infecting the future battles you’ll face with a “giving up clause”. When you approach your challenge, giving up must not be an option or even a passing thought.