Start the day the RIGHT way!

5 ways to start each day on a positive note!

Sometimes I battle to get moving each morning, but I have
discovered that these 5 simple things have helped me to start each day well and increase my productivity!

1 – Get into a routine – Get up at a consistent time, I have found that if you get into a routine with your sleeping patterns, your body knows when it’s time to “get up and go” and I wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

2 – Fuel Up! – Your body won’t function at an optimal level on an empty stomach or ‘just coffee’. Try to fill up your kitchen with nutritious foods, after all, breakfast is widely regarded as the most important meal of the day.

3 – Exercise – We are all incredibly busy these days, but new research suggests regular exercise increases energy levels even among people who suffer from chronic medical conditions. I find that I get a ‘second wind’ each day if I exercise in the morning!
So get that heart pumping!

4 – Daily Goal – Set yourself a goal for each day! It might be finishing a project, learning about something new or even writing a blog! This will help you to stay focused on a particular task and provide direction for your day.

5. – Brush those teeth – You’ll be doing a lot of smiling, so it’s important to brush your teeth! Smiling is a brilliant way to make yourself happier, but it can also make others smile, as well as open the door to conversations with people you’ve never met!