Life, a little differently

It’s important to reassess areas of our lives from time to time. We have regular check ups. Blood pressure, teeth, cars, house security… is it too much to ask that we give our lives as a whole a much needed tune up?
Sometimes we need to cut off areas of our lives that no longer serve us, or worse, are taking us down a path that is detrimental to our long term health and wellbeing.

In 2009 was forced to make a choice. I had to decide what to do about my troublesome left leg, I had an infection and needed some form of surgery. While there were many options and opinions on what I should do, I took the drastic option to cut it off. This wasn’t supported by doctors as a first option but I needed to take control. I could see the difficulties the other surgeries would bring as well as the value a second leg amputation (giving me two prosthetic legs) would provide me. I could finally move on with confidence and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Now I use a similar method to take care of all areas of my life. Here is how we can all actively amputate dead weight.

First, write a list:
Include everything from your regular commitments, how you choose to spend your free time, habitual behaviours, relationships (professional and personal) foods you eat regularly etc. Basically anything that is a consistent part of your life.

Second, categorise your list:
Think about each item and ask yourself honestly, “does this add or subtract from my life?”
Now place either a plus or a minus next to each item.

Third, identify dead weight:
Look carefully at the negatives. Imagine what your life would be like if you eliminated these things that are clearly detracting from it.

Fourth, Commit to the cull.
Make a decision to remove this negative influence from your life once and for all. Shut the door on that element, making room for newer, more positive things in it’s place.

Sometimes we are aware certain things aren’t good for us, but we continue on as normal, put up with them and hope they eventually sort themselves out. Cutting negatives from your life, taking control and making difficult but necessary decisions is not only beneficial, but empowering and motivating as well.

In 2009, I cut off my second leg below the knee.

I chose to ‘amputate dead weight’ that was a threat to my future wellbeing. I refused to drag around this dead weight any longer – I decided to set myself free.

What parts of your life can you cut off, that will set you free?