Challenging irrational beliefs

Irrational beliefs:
What are irrational beliefs –

1. Messages about life we send to ourselves that keep us from growing emotionally.

2. Unfounded attitudes, opinions, and values we hold to, that are out of synchrony with the way the world really is.

A key point I speak on in my keynote is challenging irrational beliefs. The reason I feel so strongly about this topic is that by challenging irrational beliefs in my own life, it has enabled me to move through life’s challenges in a positive way.

I believe these beliefs inhibit us in our day to day existence, therefore I encourage people to consistently challenge them in order to create positive change in their lives. Too often we tell ourselves “I can’t” or ” I couldn’t” which can subtract from our positivity and productivity. Embrace the unknown and leave yourself open to change or challenges rather than remaining resigned to an “unfounded” belief that it can’t be done.

In 2009, I received the news that I had osteomyelitis (bone infection) in the partial foot amputation on my left leg. Although I had various options to consider, I made the decision to amputate below the knee – a tough choice I had to make.

One of the reasons the decision seemed so hard to me initially, was that I had the irrational belief that I would be stuck in hospital again with months of recovery – similar to my initial stay in 2001 (6 months plus!)
After giving it some serious thought, I smashed this belief by gaining knowledge about the situation (what the operation involved in its entirety) and reasoning with myself about my ability to cope with surgery this time around ( I was now healthier, fitter, stronger than I was all those years ago)

I had the surgery, left the hospital after just 4 days, had a leg fitted a few short weeks later and I was up and away within a month of undergoing the procedure.

What beliefs do you hold about yourself? Which of these beliefs are irrational?
Challenge them, challenge yourself.

Create positive changes in your life, smash irrational beliefs and carve an exciting new path for yourself!