Steering to Safety

Positivity is key!

As a member of the Limbs 4 Life peer support program I see people on a regular basis who are faced with extreme life situations/events. An area of extreme importance I focus on during these visits is POSITIVITY!!!

It’s not always easy to remain positive during extreme hardship, however, I recently met a young man who’s life had changed forever. It was clear he had a long, hard road ahead of him but what struck me about him was his attitude. He was extremely positive….and it was unwavering…

He spoke about the future and about what he wanted to achieve. He spoke about his hunger to fight back and also about the importance of staying strong for his family.

He was focused on what he had the power to control, rather than what he could not. He had specific goals, small goals as well as larger goals, that he was working towards.

I remember walking out of the hospital feeling inspired, feeling upbeat! What an amazing attitude he possessed and it was wonderful to witness that level of positivity!

It reinforced to me that ‘positivity is key’ in overcoming the various challenges life throws at us, as well as the importance of mental focus and forward thinking!