All you need is a little hope.

One of the earliest lessons I learnt after waking up from a 5 1/2 week coma, was the essential need for hope.

Hope is incredibly powerful…

There I was, lying in a hospital bed in the ICU at The Alfred Hospital, unable to move, tangled in a web of tubes and machinery. My injuries – extensive both internally and externally, the pain was far beyond anything I’d ever experienced before.

Where on Earth could I possibly find hope here? What was I going to draw on in order to spark a prolonged period of successful healing? How would I maintain a positive mindset given the circumstances?

Thinking about the situation realistically, I was well aware my football days were over… and that it wouldn’t matter what thickness socks I bought from here on out!
I also knew I would need to make major adjustments to my life, but instead of focusing on the things I was no longer able to do, instead of focusing on the negatives – I focused on the things I was still capable of doing, harnessing hope – if you will.

One hope I held early on was getting back to golf – I used to literally dream about it! I have been passionate about the game since I was small and I honed in on the hope that one day I would play again. In my hospital days, it seemed an eternity away, but I was determined.

Initially I had challenges with balance, strength, control etc (falling over was the norm in the beginning) Combine that with the fact that I had to completely reteach myself to swing given my physical predicament. I eventually got back to playing a great level of golf and I’m proud of the fact that I now play better than before my illness!

Hope gave me a positive pathway through troubled times. We all go through tough times at some stage in our lives, which makes it crucial to find those sparks of hope amidst the darkness. Sometimes they may seem small, but they are there. Make it your everything, remain focused and believe.

“Never deprive someone of hope, it may be all they have” H. Jackson Brown, Jr – Author.