1 in 100,000

Navigating through a crisis

Recent statistics on meningococcal in Australia suggest that there is around a 1 in a 100,000 chance of contracting the disease each year, and of that number only around 12% of sufferers will become seriously ill or die. So I was one of the very few people that fell into that 12% bracket and somehow, miraculously survived!

Often people ask me if i feel unlucky, angry, bitter, unfortunate… about getting sick and the answer is, and always will be “no”

I have a different take on it. Being faced with the prospect of living life as a double amputee is most certainly a nightmare! But rather than ask “why me” I asked “why not me?” Those statistics suggest that people do contract the disease, albeit a minute number of people… I just happened to be one of them.

Initially the magnitude of my situation was a lot to take in, it took time to fathom exactly what had happened. Right from the very early stages I tried to focus on any positives – I was alive! I have an amazing family! I was strong enough to overcome this! I still had my hands! I wanted to live! Anything that would keep me focused, and keep my mind in a positive space.

I learnt very early on that dwelling or focusing on the negatives will derail our productivity and seriously inhibit our ability to overcome life’s hurdles.

Keys I used to overcome adversity:

* Assess the situation in it’s entirety – Know your situation intimately and any issues you may face, it will prevent any unwanted surprises down the line, be aware!

* Focus on the positives – Find something to focus on that gives you hope and drive. In my case, getting back on the golf course was just one focus I had – I read about amputee golf, prosthetics and the latest technologies and set a date for my first game!

* Work hard – Now that you know where you need to be, you’re not going to get there by standing still. Work hard to reach your goals, it’s the only way!

It’s inevitable that we will all face some form of crisis in our lives, it’s a part of life. I hope these keys help!